The primary goal of Miss Guyana UK is to become a company with a global presence. I want Miss Guyana UK to achieve recognition as a company of diversity. 

Our corporate philosophy, which is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally.

True beauty extends far beyond physical appearances. I believe that beauty is confidence. Beauty is the pursuit of wisdom and self-worth. Beauty is happiness and laugh-lines. You are the only “you” in this world – the most beautiful “you” – and I believe that deserves both recognition and celebration. 

Beauty does not belong only to the rich or the famous; it belongs to everyone. These are things that I believe in and these principles are what makes Miss Guyana UK what she is today. 


Tracey Benjamin  CEO


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Miss Guyana UK Beauty Pageant 2016


The Miss Guyana UK Beauty Pageant is  open to all young, single female
Guyanese and the qualification for eligibility is based on the following



* Contestants Must be of Guyanese Heritage.
* Contestants must be at least 18 – 26 years old.
* Be living unconditionally in the United Kingdom either by birth or Naturalisation.
* The Winning Contestant should be able to spend at least two weeks in Guyana.
*The potential contestant shall not have entered and will not  enter into any contract with any other promoter  
or model agency which is or will be in force during the period of the Miss Guyana UK Pageant.

*Preliminary pageant Contestants agrees to look solely to the preliminary Pageant Director & other members of staff with respect to all matters relating to her application, rules, regulations, policies, preparation, rehearsal, performance and selection process, and all other matters relating to the preliminary pageant.
*In participating in the Miss Guyana UK Beauty Pageant 2015 you will be requested to partake in
activities asked of you by your sponsor and the pageant authorities.
*All girls are expected for obtaining and sustaining a reliable Sponsor for the event of the pageant.
*A more detailed description of the dress code will be given to successful applicants.



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