The primary goal of Miss Guyana UK is to become a company with a global presence. I want Miss Guyana UK to achieve recognition as a company of diversity. 

Our corporate philosophy, which is to strive for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally.

True beauty extends far beyond physical appearances. I believe that beauty is confidence. Beauty is the pursuit of wisdom and self-worth. Beauty is happiness and laugh-lines. You are the only “you” in this world – the most beautiful “you” – and I believe that deserves both recognition and celebration. 

Beauty does not belong only to the rich or the famous; it belongs to everyone. These are things that I believe in and these principles are what makes Miss Guyana UK what she is today. 


Tracey Benjamin  CEO


Our History, Our Future

Its aim is to support and promote Guyanese culture and tourism. Since 1994, the Pageant has become extremely high profiled within the Guyanese community and receives substantial support from the Guyanese High Commission. Numbers attending the show have progressively increased year to year to the point we now host the event in large capacity venue.

This particular competition stands alone as the premier event of its kind. The competition will feature beautiful and talented contestants descendents of the six races that contribute to the makeup of the people of Guyana. Invited guest from the Guyanese community include his Excellency MR Laleshwar K.N Singh, The High Commissioner of Guyana, and of course there will be a host of non-Guyanese celebrities and guest eager to attend and be a part of this prestigious event.


The Miss Guyana UK Beauty Pageant is a worldwide pageant that takes place
throughout theworld in various countries , but predominantly in the UK,
USA and Canada.